Orange County California Coast 4th of July 2018 Flyover

Condor Squadron Photo Courtesy of
Condor Squadron Photo Courtesy of

Orange County Coast 4th of July Fly is in the late afternoon over the Orange County California Coastal Cities. The Flyover features four World War II AT-6 Aircraft.

The Condor Squadron Officer’s and Airmen’s Association is a unique non-profit organization founded in 1965 by a group of WWII fighter pilots, preserving a piece of aviation history that played an important part in securing the freedoms we cherish as a nation.

The Condor Squadron proudly flies WWII, North American AT-6 airplanes in formation over parades, memorial services and events commemorating veterans.

Condor Squadron 4th of July 2018 Flyover Schedule

Four AT-6 aircraft World War II trainers will take place along the Orange County Coastal Area

5:25pm Huntington Beach

5:30pm Newport Beach

5:45pm Laguna Beach

5:50pm Dana Point

5:55pm San Clemente

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