Southern California Holy Fire Update Thursday August 30 2018

#HolyFIre August 14 2018 Courtesy of U.S. Forest Service Cleveland National Forest
#HolyFIre Courtesy of U.S. Forest Service Cleveland National Forest

Southern California Holy Fire Update Thursday August 30 2018.
The Southern California Holy Fire ignited a new spot near the Santiago Peak Communication Site on Monday August 27 2018.
The Holy Fire has burned 23,136 acres and is at 93% Containment.

The Holy Fire started on August 7 2018 and was near full containment.
Firefighting air and ground resources were ordered Monday August 27 2018 due to the new spot fire.
Over 300 Firefighting personnel are working on the Fire with the assistance of 5 air tankers and 4 helicopters.

Orange County Fire Authority is reporting on Twitter that “The fire is currently no threat because it is in un-burned fuel surrounded by already burned vegetation.”

There are currently no Evacuation Orders for the Holy Fire.

Air and ground resources work to re-establish full containment of the fire line.
This includes around the Santiago Peak spot fire.
A night flying helicopter has been assigned to monitor potential threats.

Un-burned islands of vegetation and green patches continue to smolder throughout the fire area with minimal threats.

Access within the fire area has been restricted including trails, recreational areas and campgrounds.
Portions of North Main Divide will remain closed to allow crews to work safely along the road side.
Residents who live off the North Main Road are allowed into the fire area.
Forest Area Closure has been issued for the Holy Fire and adjacent land.

Suppression efforts will be primarily focused on line construction around the slop over area, extinguishing any remaining hot spots, and minimizing potential threats to the fire line and adjacent values.
Suppression repair work will continue to meet standards set in the approved Suppression Repair Plan.

The Holy Fire expected containment date is Monday September 10 2018.

Santiago Peak Communication Site is in the Cleveland National Forest, 11 miles South of Corona.
Holy Fire Map
Holy Fire Map August 27 2018 Courtesy of US Forest Service Cleveland NF

Holy Fire Planned Actions

Primary strategy remains to keep the fire within current containment lines.
Suppression efforts will be primarily focused on locating and extinguishing any remaining hot spots and minimizing further threats to the fire line.
Two Suppression Repair Groups have been established and will continue work to meet the standards set out in the approved Suppression Repair Plan.
A BAER team has been conducting their analysis and recommendations are expected to be available soon.

Holy Fire Projected Incident Activity

Resources continue to patrol for hot spots in an effort to secure all portions of the fire perimeter.

Occasional smoke from smoldering vegetation will continue to be seen from isolated spots within the burn area.

Holy Fire Weather

Warm, dry weather.
Ridgetop winds.
Continued Dry conditions for the fire above 2000ft during the day and night.

#HolyFire Spot Fire August 27 2018 Courtesy of Cleveland NF

Cleveland National Forest Officials are reporting that, “Limited access, extreme temperatures, steep topography, old-growth vegetation, and limited resources were all factors in the spread of the Holy Fire.”
These conditions contributed to one of the largest non-wind driven fires on the Trabuco Ranger District.
The last non-wind driven fire was the Indians Fire in 1966.

Holy Fire History
Holy Fire started in Holy Jim Canyon in Orange County California on Monday August 7 2018 at 1:21pm.
Holy Jim Canyon is on the west side of the Santa Mountains in Orange County.
The Holy Fire burned 23,136 acres in the Cleveland National Forest and is at 93% Containment on August 29 2018.
Mandatory Evacuation Orders affected over 21,484 community members.
12 Single Residences were Destroyed in Orange County
6 Single Residences were Destroyed in Riverside County
Two heat related injuries
Two Hikers rescued
5 Firefighters injured
The Cause of the Holy Fire is considered Man Made with a suspect under arrest.
Forrest Gordon Clark, 51, was booked into Orange County Jail on August 8 2018 on suspicion of two counts of felony arson, one count of felony threat to terrorize, and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest

Holy Fire Fire Fighting Personnel

Currently 219 Personnel are Assigned to the Holy Fire Wednesday August 29 2018)

Orange County Alert System

Please stay connected to Orange County Alerts by signing up at Alert OC

Holy Fire Information Center
Current Fire Information is at US Forest Service Incident Information System Online Site
U.S. Forest Service Cleveland National Forest is the lead agency for the Holy Fire.
For information, please call the Trabuco Ranger District of the Forest Service at 951/736-1811.
The forest management team (type 3), which took over command on 8/18/2018 will manage the fire until it reaches full containment.

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