United States of American National Day of Mourning Wednesday December 5 2018

USA Flag Courtesy of WordPress:Pexels
USA Flag Courtesy of WordPress:Pexels

The United States of America National Day of Mourning is Wednesday December 5 2018.

The President of the United States proclaimed Wednesday December 5 2018 a National Day of Mourning to honor Former forty-first United States President George H.W. Bush.

George H.W. Bush passed away on November 30 2018 and is being laid to rest on December 5 2018.

Closures Today Include:

Federal Offices

Social Security Offices

Passport Offices

U.S. Post Office ( No Mail Delivery)
USPS plans to provide limited package delivery on Wednesday to stay ahead of the busy holiday season.

Major US Stock Offices

You can watch the President George H.W. Bush Funeral live on C-Span.

For more information please visit The White House

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