California Coastal Commission Meeting Thursday May 9 2019

Strands Beach Dana Point by
Strands Beach Dana Point by

The California Coastal Commission May Meeting is in Oxnard ongoing Thursday May 9 2019 thru Friday May 10 2019.
The Public is Encouraged to attend.

The California Coastal Commission May 2019 Meeting Location

Oxnard City Council Chambers located at 305 W. 3rd Street in Oxnard

Contact Phone :(415) 407-3211 (active during meeting only)

The California Coastal Commission rotates their monthly meetings throughout the State of California.

Your voice can be heard at the California Coastal Commission Meeting.

If you have any concerns about California Beach issues you may address the Commission.

General Public Comment Rules
Public comments will be heard at 9:00am for items not on the agenda, for no more than 30 minutes.
For those unable to attend the early comment period, there may be additional comment time available later in the day.
Note: Comments made during the general public comment period regarding matters pending before the Commission do not become part of the official record for those matters.

California Coastal Commission Meeting May 2019 Agenda is Online

Thursday May 9 2019 highlights include San Diego

Friday May 10 2019 Focus is on Orange County
Dana Point Public Hearing:LCP Amendment Request
Request by the City of Dana Point to amend the certified Implementation Plan (IP) portion of the LCP by: 1) amending the Dana Point Specific Plan Coastal Visitor Commercial District to allow non-visitor serving uses above the ground floor; 2) amending the Dana Point Zoning Code to delete Section 9.07.210 Second Dwelling Units or Granny Flats and replace it in its entirety with new Section 9.070210 Accessory Dwelling Units; to add new Section 9.05.280 Accessory Buildings and Structures; to allow basements to encroach into required setback areas; revising height measurement standards for retaining walls requiring guard rails and for multiple fences; adding and modifying definitions; and some additional clean-up and corrections.

You can read the items now and submit online public comments to

Proposed Discussion Items on Thursday May 9 2019 Include:

San Diego: Restoration of 33.5 acres of disturbed uplands and 90.0 acres of salt ponds to tidal wetlands at south end of San Diego Bay within San Diego Bay National Wildlife Refuge.

Palos Verdes: Application of Southern California Marine Institute to construct nine total acres of rocky reef comprised of 24 separate reef blocks of approx. 16,000 sq. feet each within 69-acre area of sandy seafloor in state waters 0.3 miles offshore of Bunker Point on Palos Verdes Peninsula

Santa Barbara County: Consistency determination by Department of the Air Force for five-year (2019-2023) beach management plan regarding endangered species protection and public access at Vandenberg Air Force Base

Trinidad: Consistency Determination by Bureau of Indian Affairs for federal funding guarantee to Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of Trinidad Rancheria for 100-room hotel, adjacent to Trinidad Rancheria’s existing casino.

San Diego: Restoration of 2.20 acres of wetland habitat as mitigation for impacts resulting from previous emergency channel maintenance located within Otay River watershed.

San Diego: Mission Beach Park (October 9 2019 thru October 14 2019)
Association of National Olympic Committees Beach Games
consisting of 6 days of ticketed aquatic and terrestrial athletic competitions and concert events, free athletic demonstrations and clinics, shuttle program, and habitat protection area, requiring closure of approx. 80 acres of public sandy beach and parkland for up to 28 days for set-up and take-down, at South Mission Beach Park and Mission Beach Park.

Cardiff/Encinitas: Request by SEJPA to modify permit for expansion and upgrade of wastewater facility to amend existing open space boundary to facilitate future construction of new 12-ft. wide shared-use trail at 2695 Manchester Avenue.

Hollister Ranch Wall Family Trust Parcel 36 Development

California Coastal Commission Public Hearings Thursday May 9 2019

City of Eureka Public Hearing and action to extend the 60-day time limit for Commission action for up to one year on request by the City of Eureka for certification of an amendment to the certified Implementation Plan to modify the regulation of commercial cannabis facilities to (1) remove a prohibition on signs for cannabis businesses; (2) allow onsite consumption of cannabis products at cannabis retail facilities; and (3) add a new more-limited cannabis retail facility use type for onsite consumption of cannabis products in the same districts where the broader cannabis retail facility use type is allowed as well as in the Commercial Waterfront (CW) District.

County of Humboldt Public hearing and action on request of the County of Humboldt to amend certified implementation plan (IP) to add standards for commercial activities associated with cultivation, processing, manufacturing, distribution, testing, and sale of cannabis.

Oceanside: Public hearing and action to extend the 60-day time limit for Commission action for up to one year on request by the City of Oceanside to amend its Implementation Plan to update certain administrative procedures and incorporate previously adopted regulations for transitional and supportive housing and emergency shelters.

Oceanside: Public hearing and action to extend the 60-day time limit for Commission action for up to one year on request by the City of Oceanside to amend its Implementation Plan to provide regulations for Tier 1 Agritourism activities.

Oceanside: Public hearing and action to extend the 60-day time limit for Commission action for up to one year on request by the City of Oceanside to amend its Implementation Plan to provide regulations for Medical Cannabis facilities.

Del Mar: Public hearing and action on request by the City of Del Mar to amend its certified Land Use and Implementation Plans to rescind the Garden del Mar Specific Plan and then approve a Specific Plan for the redevelopment of a 25,524 square foot property consisting of two adjacent parcels at the southeast corner of Camino Del Mar and 10th Street.

Malibu: Public hearing and action on the City of Malibu’s request to amend the Local Implementation Plan portion of its certified LCP to create a “Affordable Housing Overlay,” add procedures related to reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, and add provisions for housing density bonuses, farmworker employee housing, emergency shelters, single-room occupancies, small and large residential care facilities, transitional and supportive housing, and update housing-related definitions.

Malibu: Public hearing and action on the City of Malibu’s request to update the Land Use Plan Public Access Map portion of its certified LCP to reflect current information showing the location of existing public beaches, and both lateral and vertical public access ways, in addition to formatting and graphic depiction revisions.

Santa Barbara County: Public hearing and action to extend the time limit for action for one year on County of Santa Barbara’s request to amend portions of its certified Local Coastal Program, and includes Part A (Coastal Resiliency) to amend the text of the Land Use Plan and the Implementation Plan to add policies and development standards regarding coastal hazards and planning for sea level rise, and Part B (Agricultural Employee Dwelling Ordinance) to amend the Implementation Plan to revise regulations related to agricultural employee housing.

Santa Barbara: Public hearing and action on the City of Santa Barbara’s request to amend the Land Use Plan portion of the certified Local Coastal Program to comprehensively update text, maps, and land use designations.

California Coastal Commission Closed Session Agenda Items Include

Martins Beach I LLC et al. v. Turnbull Sanders, et al.

Hollister Ranch Access was Presented at the Wednesday May 8 2019 Meeting.

California Coastal Commission Mission

The mission of the California Coastal Commission is to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations.

The Commission holds monthly public meetings of three to five days in length in different locations throughout the state.
The Commission meetings provide an opportunity for the Coastal Commissioners to take public testimony and to make permit, planning, and other policy decisions.
Prior to each meeting, Commission staff collects and analyzes information pertinent to meeting agenda items and prepares written staff reports with recommendations for Commission action.
These staff reports are available for public review, by contacting the appropriate Commission office. Some
elected staff reports are also available electronically by means of a link from the Commission’s
Meeting Notice.

For more information please visit California Coastal Commission.

You can watch the California Coastal Commission Meetings at California Coastal Commission Meeting Live Stream

* Any announcements regarding Commission actions will be made in public after the conclusion of the closed session.

Any announcements will also be posted on the Commission’s online agenda.

California Coastal Commission Scheduled Meetings

June 12 thru June 14 2019 in San Diego
Best Western Plus Island Palms Hotel & Marina
2051 Shelter Island Drive in San Diego

July 10 thru July 12 2019 in San Luis Obispo
Embassy Suites Hotel at 333 Madonna Road in San Luis Obispo

August 7 thru August 9 2019 in the Northern Coast

September 11 thru September 13 2019 in Los Angeles/Orange County

October 16 thru October 18 2019 in San Diego County

November 13 thru November 15 2019 in North Central Coast

December 11 thru December 13 2019 in South Central Coast

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