Laguna Beach Recreation Meeting Monday August 12 2019

skateboarding by
skateboarding by

The Laguna Beach Recreation Committee meets Monday August 12 2019 at 6:00pm.
The Public is encouraged to attend.

The Recreation Committee directs its efforts in the area of

providing for the recreation and park needs of the community.

The meeting is being held at Laguna Beach Community Center.

Laguna Beach Community Center is located at 380 Third Street.

Proposed Discussion Items Include:

Community Services Department Needs Assessment Survey

Youth Representatives Report

Big Takeaways of Report
1) General lack of communication to raise awareness about existing city recreation programs
2) Not a diverse range of classes that appeal to teens.
City Recreation Programs Teens Want Include:
STEAM/Robotics/Money Management/Job Acquisition Skills/Cooking Classes

Discussion of 2019/2020 Committee Goals

For more information please visit Laguna Beach Recreation Meeting Agenda

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