Dana Point Doheny Village Plan Meeting Thursday August 29 2019

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The Dana Point Doheny Village Plan Community Meeting is Thursday August 29 2019.
The Public is encouraged to attend.

This Public Meeting is at Dana Point City Plaza at The Public Works Conference Room at 5:30pm.

The City of Dana Point is in the midst of a comprehensive planning effort for the Doheny Village area of Capistrano Beach.

Dana Point Doheny Village Plan Timeline

June 28 2019: City staff met with interested stakeholders to provide an overview of zoning code update progress in the past year.

January 2019-March 2019: Working Group reviews development and parking standards

The Working Group is focused on reviewing development standards for each of the three core areas within The Village.
The majority of structures in The Village were developed under the Orange County Zoning Code and Capistrano Beach Specific Plan.
The Group researched how the City’s current zoning code requirements have limited redevelopment of existing properties since 1989.
The Group seeks to draft and adopt flexible standards that are appropriate for the neighborhood.

In October 2017, DVMA and local stakeholders have worked together on a monthly basis with City staff to develop a community-driven plan for the future of The Village.
In the past year, the following short-term goals have been completed:

City Council adopted Doheny Village Working Group Guiding Principles
City staff suspended work on the draft Environmental Impact Report
City Council approved the Zone Text Amendment to allow greater flexibility for redevelopment of nonconforming structures and uses
Working Group developed new zoning districts and draft zoning map
Working Group proposes modifications to existing, proposed, and prohibited land uses

In March 2016, the draft code was informally distributed and community members expressed issues related to parking, nonconforming uses, and development standards.
Comprised of long-term business owners, property owners, and village residents, Doheny Village Merchants’ Association (“DVMA”) was formed in late 2016 to address concerns with the proposed plan.

In 2015, the City Council awarded a contract to Opticos Design, Inc. to build off the effort of ROMA Design Group and prepare implementation language for The Village to be incorporated into the City’s zoning code.
A key component of Opticos’ work plan was to facilitate a community design charrette to engage the community and solicit additional input.

In 2010, the City Council selected ROMA Design Group to prepare the Doheny Village Plan for the project area commonly referenced as Doheny Village (“The Village”), and the project included public outreach and resulted in a draft document in 2013.

Doheny Village Plan Documents are Online

Doheny Village Working Group Guiding Principles

The Dana Point Doheny Village Form Based Code August 29 2016

Roma Draft Plan: Doheny Village Plan Draft July 2013

Doheny Village Plan Future Tasks

Once the Working Group completes their tasks, City staff will re-initiate environmental review based on the revised documents. The Zoning Code, General Plan, and Local Coastal Plan amendments will be subject to Planning Commission, City Council, and California Coastal Commission review and approval.

For questions regarding the Doheny Village Plan update, please contact Belinda Deines, Senior Planner, at bdeines@danapoint.org or at (949) 248-3570.

Dana Point City Plaza is located at 33282 Golden Lantern

For more information please visit The City of Dana Point.

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