Dana Point Science Night Wednesday September 11 2019

Ocean Plastic Pollution Courtesy of The City of Dana Point
Ocean Plastic Pollution Courtesy of The City of Dana Point

Dana Point Free Family Friendly Science Night on Wednesday September 11 2019.
Ocean Plastic Pollution is featured on Wednesday September 11 2019.

Dana Point Headlands Conservation Area Presents Marine Biologist Christina Robinson.
Marine Biologist Christina Robinson will be focusing on marine debris and micro plastics and the immense impact they have on us, wildlife, our oceans, and our Earth.

Marine debris and microplastics are of major concern to the oceans and human health.
Studies continue to show how microplastics are being spread throughout the food web and the alarming number of things microplastics can be found in, including: beer, tap water, and air pollution.
Where do all these microplastics come from and how can they be prevented?
How does trash and pollution make its way to waterways and how can people help?
What animals are impacted by plastic and what are the consequences on human health?
These matters will be discussed and preventative measures will be explored.

Dana Point Science Night is at The Dana Point Community Center at 6:30pm till 8:00pm.

Dana Point Science Night Presentations feature local and esteemed experts from the scientific community.

The Dana Point Community Center is located at 34052 Del Obispo Street.

Learn about current Science-related topics presented in a family-friendly format.

Generally, hands-on activities and/or displays will be present and geared towards children.

Dana Point Science Night Schedule

Wednesday October 9 2019

Wednesday November 13 2019

Please contact the Natural Resources Department for more information at
DPnaturalresources@danapoint.org or (949) 248-3527

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