Laguna Beach Books Author Talk Thursday November 14 2019

Fanny Howe Love and I Courtesy of Graywolf Press
Fanny Howe Love and I Courtesy of Graywolf Press

Laguna Beach Books Presents Author Fanny Howe on Monday November 14 2019.

Laguna Beach Books Author Talk is at 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

This is a Laguna Beach Free Event!

Fanny Howe discusses her book Love and I Poems

Love can do little but walk with the person and suddenly vanish, and that recurrent abandonment makes it necessary for these poems to find a balance between seeing and believing.
For Howe, that balance is found in the Word, spoken in language, in music, in and on the wind, as invisible and continuous lyric thinking heard by the thinker alone.
Her poems are animated by belief and unbelief.

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Laguna Beach Books Parking

Laguna Beach Books is located at 1200 South Coast Highway.

There is metered timed street parking in the area.

There is also garage token parking behind the book store.

Please ask Laguna Beach Books for a token before you leave.

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