Orange County Rain Day Saturday December 7 2019

Raining Courtesy of WordPress Pexels
Raining Courtesy of WordPress Pexels

Orange County Rain Day Saturday December 7 2019.

Southern California Rain Day Weekend began on Friday December 6 2019.
Rain was heavy at times and scattered throughout the afternoon and evening hours.
Rain is expected throughout the day on Saturday December 7 2019.
Expect Rain throughout the day on Sunday December 8 2019.
The Southland should see Sunny Skies on Monday December 9 2019 .

Dana Point is expected to see highs of 64 degrees and lows of 58 degrees on Saturday December 7 2019.

Southland Beaches can expect elevated Surf of over 5 Feet on Saturday December 7 2019.

Dana Point Weather Channel Hourly Forecast for Saturday December 7 2019
Dana Point December 7 2019nHourly Forecast

Southern California Snow Report
Southern California Snow Report December 7 2019

Orange County Rain Day Recommendations

Alert OC
Registering your phone number with AlertOC to receive emergency notifications

Free Sandbags
Orange County Fire Department Free Sand Bag and Sand Program Locations Are Online
Please bring a shovel.
Many OCFD have empty Sand Bags.
Limited supply based on demand and availability
South OC Beaches Fire Department Location is in Laguna Niguel at 31461 Street of the Golden Lantern

Property Preparation
Keep Drains Free of Debris and Vegetations

Power Outages

Southern California Edison Power Outage Map is Online

San Diego Gas & Electric Power Outage Map is Online

Rain Day Driving Safety Tips

Slow Down
Driving at slower speeds also helps drivers be prepared for sudden stops due to debris and other wet-weather driving hazards.
Keep Your Distance/Avoid Skids
A car needs two to three times more stopping distance on wet pavement, so allow extra following distance between cars
Use Center Lanes
Avoid outside lanes where water collects at curbside.
Avoid Distractions
Stay Informed
Tune into radio and television weather reports
Use weather apps to know where traffic congestion or crashes might be located
Watch For Potholes
Maintain A Safe Speed
Beware of Pooled Water on the Road
Vehicle Maintenance
Check Tires/Windshield Wipers/Check Brakes/Use Headlights/Use Windshield Defroster

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