Los Angeles Impeach & Remove Rally Guide Tuesday December 17 2019

Los Angeles Impeach & Remove Rally December 17 2019

Los Angeles Impeach & Remove Rally is Tuesday December 17 2019.
On the eve of the expected Congressional Impeachment Vote of the 45th US President Donald J Trump, over 600 community engagement rallies are happening throughout the United States.

Events will be visible, family-friendly, public gatherings to demonstrate to our lawmakers that their constituents are behind them to defend the Constitution—and that Trump has left them no alternative to uphold their oath of office but to support impeachment and removal.

Rally is at Grand Park (across from LA City Hall) at 5:30pm (pst).

Impeach & Remove Rally Main Issues

Opposition to Corruption

Opposition to Authoritarian Rule

Opposition to Inhumanity

Impeach US President Donald J Trump

Remove US President Donald J Trump from office

Keep United States Democracy Intact

Join in and encourage others—to make the LA event *one of the largest* in this era of nationwide mobilization.
Create one unified voice raised as high as the voices around the world.
This is LA’s “Hong Kong” moment.
In the words of the late, Honorable Congressman Elijah Cummings, “When we’re dancing with the angels, the question will be asked: In 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact?” (Feb. 27, 2019)

Register Online at MoveOn.org

Find A Rally Near You at MoveOn.org

LA Impeach & Remove Rally Sustainability Solutions

Grand Park is located at 200 North Grand Avenue in Los Angeles

Take Metrolink Red or Purple Line to Civic Center/Grand Park Station

*Note: By choosing to attend this event, you are acknowledging the risks involved, and you are committing to participate nonviolently and in accordance with the law, and to work to de-escalate confrontations with opposing persons or others. You agree (i) not to engage in any act of violence or violation of any applicable law and (ii) to obey the orders of authorized event marshals and law enforcement authorities.

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