Laguna Coast Trail Stewardship Day Sunday January 12 2020

Wild Flowers by
Wild Flowers by

Laguna Coast Wilderness Trail Stewardship Volunteer Day Sunday January 12 2020.

This event is from 8:00am and 12:00pm at the Willow Canyon Staging Area.

This is a Laguna Free Family Friendly Event.

If you use the wilderness park for hiking, biking, photography or just relaxing, Trail Stewardship will be right up your alley!
Get up close and personal with the trail you use; you’ll see the trails in a whole new way.
No experience necessary.
This is FUN hard work.
Whatever your skill level is, there is a job to do: clearing drains of brush; building “gargoyles” to better define the trail; moving dirt or building an in-slope turn.
We will be using tools such as loppers, picks, shovels, and McLeods to restore features that protect the trail and/or build new features to improve trail sustainability.
Remember: let’s keep users ON the trail and water OFF the trail to prevent fragmentation of our precious wilderness.

Snacks will be provided.
Expect to hike up to 4 miles during our morning.
Please wear long pants, closed-toed shoes and sun protections.
Bring plenty of water.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park, Willow Canyon Staging Area
(west side of Laguna Canyon Rd/SR-133, just south of El Toro Road).

For more information and to register please visit OC Parks

For questions call:
949-497-8324 Mon-Fri

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