Orange County Buses Switch to Sunday Schedules Due to #COVID19 on Monday March 23 2020

Orange County Buses Courtesy of
Orange County Buses Courtesy of

Orange County Buses Switch to Sunday Schedules Due to #COVID19 on Monday March 23 2020

All Orange County Bus Routes will temporarily shift to the Sunday service schedule seven days a week, beginning Monday March 23 2020.
A reduction in service is necessary to help protect the health of OCTA employees while providing reliability to riders who are still depending upon the OC Bus service.

OCTA Chairman Steve Jones, also the Mayor of Garden Grove commented, “We know that for some people transit service will continue to be critical to shop for food and get to essential jobs for our communities and medical facilities to function.”

There has been an approximately 60 percent drop in ridership over the past two weeks, with fewer than 50,000 boardings on Thursday March 19 2020 compared to a typical average weekday of 125,000.

OCTA Sunday Scheduled is Online and In OCTA Bus Books

The Sunday schedule, which is about 40 percent of the typical amount of weekday bus service, is listed by route on the OC Bus SIte and in all OCTA bus books.

OCTA Access and OCTA Station Links Are Operational

The OC Access paratransit system, for riders with physical or cognitive limitations, will continue to operate at full service levels.

The OCTA Station Link buses carrying passengers from Metrolink commuter trains will continue running as usual.

OCTA Safety Is Their Priority

Additional Resources

California Stay At Home Order March 19 2020

Orange County Emergency Operations Center Facebook Page

Alert OC
AlertOC is a mass notification system designed to keep Orange County, California residents and businesses informed of emergencies that may require immediate life saving actions.

Orange County Public Health (COVID-19) Information Page is Online

Orange County Public Health (COVID-19) Health Referral Hotline Number is 1 (800) 564-8448

California Department of Public Health (COVID-19) Information is Online

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (COVID-19) Information is Online

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