Dana Point Ocean Institute Pilgrim Lift Scheduled Thursday April 2 2020

Dana Point Ocean Institute Tall Ship Pilgrim Courtesy of Ocean-Institute.org
Dana Point Ocean Institute Tall Ship Pilgrim Courtesy of Ocean-Institute.org

Dana Point Ocean Institute Updates the Community on the Status of the salvage of the Pilgrim Tall Ship on April 1 2020.
The keeled Pilgrim Tall Ship is scheduled to be lifted from the water on Thursday April 2 2020.

The historic Tall Ship Pilgrim, keeled overnight on March 29 2020.

Dan Goldbacher, Director of Maritime Programs at The Ocean Institute updated the Community in an Online Video message about the status of the Pilgrim on Wednesday April 1 2020.

On Thursday Morning, April 2 2020 a Barge with a Crane on board will be used to help pick up the ship.

Goldbacher reports that, “We need to try to figure out what the cause is. We are still working on this portion of this.”

Dan Goldbacher urges the public, “To stay back tomorrow. Because we are going to have this big heavy equipment in here.”

Goldbacher reassures the public that they will keep them updated, “We will be sure to update you guys from on the scene during the process.”

Ocean Institute April 1 2020 Update on the Pilgrim Tall Ship

It’s All in the Details!

Rigging of the Tall Ship Pilgrim, a 118’ wood hull sailing vessel, for the purpose of lifting the vessel above its gunnels in preparation for dewatering and transporting the vessel by tow to San Diego Shipyard.

Current Position of vessel:
On March 30, 2020 during a 0.7 low tide, the vessel was in 10 feet of water.
The vessel is on the bottom and leaning.
The vessel is in the Dana Point Harbor in Dana Point, California.

Utilize the Crane Barge DB Salta Verde to perform minimal “picks” to raise the Pilgrim’s deck approximately 1.5 feet above water to dewater the vessel.
Divers will position straps for the picks.
Once the vessel is raised, the vessel will be dewatered and inspected.
Upon inspection, if the vessel can be “patched” and no water intrusion is stopped, the vessel will be prepped for towing to a shipyard in San Diego, California.

Pilgrim (replica) , 118’ overall length, wood hull, wood keel.

Date of Proposed lift: April 2, 2020


0730 Divers will rig the Pilgrim for the first pick.
Slings will be attached from the drive shaft up the starboard and port sides.
Use of approximately 50% lift bags (already in place) and 50% crane lift.
Additional small lifts will follow if required.
Each lift will be monitored aboard DB Salta Verde to the pull load.
Initial lift will peak at 5-6,000 lbs.
The initial pick will happen at around noon during low tide.

Next Steps For Salvaging the Pilgrim

Thursday April 2 2020: Pilgrim Lift

Monday March 30 2020: Lift Boat out of Water & Stabilize it and its contents

In Near Future: Assessment of Pilgrim and Evaluation of How Pilgrim Capsized

The Ocean Institute stated on March 31 2020, “Thank you for sending your pictures, stories, and memories. The outpouring has been heartwarming and we will use the energy and support to write the next chapter.”

If you want to help the Ocean Institute, you can donate to their General Fund.
Ocean Institute General Operations Giving Fund Is Online

Pilgrim Tall Ship History is Online

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