National Moment of Mourning For Lives Lost to COVID-19 Monday June 1 2020

Moment of Mourning of the lives lost to Covid-19 June 1 2020

The United States has officially lost 100,000 lives to COVID-19.
Moment of Mourning of the Lives Lost to COVID-19 is June 1 2020 at 12:00pm(est) to 12:10pm(est).
Moment of Mourning is at time to pause and remember those individuals.
Moment of Mourning is part of the healing process.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Death Toll Surpasses 100,000 May 28 2020

The CDC announced, “Today (May 28 2020), the number of people in the United States who have died from COVID-19 surpassed 100,000.
Families, friends, coworkers, loved ones and community members are grieving for each person who has been lost to this disease.
Reaching the milestone of 100, 000 persons lost in such a short timeframe is a sobering development and a heart-breaking reminder of the horrible toll of this unprecedented pandemic.
COVID-19 has touched families in every part of America – with communities across the country experiencing the pandemic in different ways.
As many communities are strategically reopening, it is important for everyone to work together to continue efforts to prevent community spread of COVID-19.”

The CDC asks “that all Americans continue to follow the guidance of their state and local health authorities and to do their part to embrace prevention strategies, including social distancing, practicing good hand hygiene on a regular basis, improved sanitation, and wearing a cloth face covering in public where the situation suggests, so as to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable such as the frail and elderly with co-morbid health conditions and those with compromised immune systems.”

Moment of Mourning of the Lives Lost to COVID-19 Info On Facebook

The Moment of Mourning is spearheaded by the Boston Globe.
You can Read the Boston Globe Editorial “We need a National Day of Mourning” (May 26 2020)

Roy Cooper, The Governor of North Carolina Supports National Moment of Mourning

“This is an opportunity to remind ourselves that our death count is not just a number, it represents people, communities and families in mourning,” Governor Cooper said on May 31 2020.

The North Carolina’s Governor office also stated that, “more than 100 leaders of faith-based organizations, including Christian, Jewish, and Muslim houses of worship from across the country are leading this national moment of silence on Monday June 1 2020 at 12:00pm(est).
Local and state leaders throughout the nation are joining the call for silence including the National Governors Association and the United States Conference of Mayors.”

Statement by U.S. Conference of Mayors on Death of 100,000 Americans from COVID-19

A statement by Bryan K. Barnett, Mayor of Rochester Hills, MI and President of the United States Conference of Mayors, on the death of 100,000 Americans from the Coronavirus:

“As the reality of the 100,000 lives lost from the Coronavirus washes over us today, it is difficult to truly comprehend the magnitude of our collective loss.
The moms and dads; sisters and brothers. The favorite uncle, grandparent or best friend.
The virus has taken so much from so many—permanently altering lives and leaving such wreckage in its wake.

“But while we pause to honor the dead and support the families who have lost their loved ones, we must also try to see the light around us.
We must recognize those in our communities who continue to fight to keep us all safe— the healthcare providers, first responders and scores of essential workers.
They continue to work tirelessly under unimaginable circumstances, never wavering in their commitment to ease our struggle and pain.

“This pandemic has taken much from us, but it has also delivered a renewed spirit of community.
The virus has tried to tear us down, but we have rallied around our common humanity to help one another.
In the days and months ahead, mayors across this great nation will do all that they can to help our communities recover and heal.”

United States Senate Moment of Silence June 1 2020

United States Senate Moment of Silence June 1 2020

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