Dana Point Free Daily Trolley Service Tuesday June 29 2021

Dana Point Trolley Courtesy of SouthOCBeaches.com
Dana Point Trolley Courtesy of SouthOCBeaches.com

Dana Point Free Family Friendly Trolley Tuesday June 29 2021.
Dana Point Trolley Connects with the Laguna Beach/San Clemente/San Juan Capistrano Trolley
Dana Point Trolley Guide Summer 2021 .

Dana Point Trolley Summer 2021 Highlights


Handicap Accesible

Trolleys and Harbor Shuttles every 15 minutes

Dana Point Trolley Shuttle Tracker

Dana Point Trolley Summer 2021 Schedule

Dana Point Trolley 7 Day A Week Summer End Date: Labor Day Monday September 6 2021

Monday thru Thursday (12:00pm-9:00pm)

Friday (12:00pm-10:00pm)

Saturday (10:00am-10:00pm)

Sunday (11:00am-8:00pm)

Holiday Schedule on 4th of July and on Labor Day (10:00am-8:30pm)

Dana Point Trolley Connections

San Clemente Daily Summer Trolley
San Clemente Trolley Weekend Start Date on May 14 2021 and Daily Service Starts on June 25 2021
Dana Point Trolley Connects to San Clemente Trolley at Camino De Estrella at Calle Verano (DP Trolley Stop #11)
Riders can transfer between the two routes at the Outlets at San Clemente (Trolley Stop #9)
(San Clemente Trolley connects with Amtrak at San Clemente Pier)

Laguna Beach Daily Summer Trolley
Laguna Beach Summer Trolley Daily Service Thru September 6 2021
Connection thru Dana Point Trolley at Salt Creek Beach.

Laguna Beach Weekend Summer Breeze Trolley
Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00am-11:30pm
Laguna Beach Transit Station thru Laguna Canyon Road to Laguna Beach Festivals and to Brandman University Park and Ride
Connection thru Laguna Beach Trolley at Laguna Beach Transit Station

San Juan Capistrano Weekend Trolley
San Juan Capistrano Weekend Trolley Starts on Friday June 4 2021 thru September 6 2021
Connects with San Juan Capistrano Trolley at at Del Obispo and Stonehill in Dana Point
(San Juan Capistrano Trolley connects with Amtrak)

Dana Point Trolley Shuttle Tracker Is Online

Download Dana Point Trolley Tracker App on Apple

Download Dana Point Trolley Tracker App on Google Play

Dana Point Trolley Summer 2021 Map

Dana Point Trolley Best Health Practices

Riders and Trolley Drives Are Required To Wear Face Coverings Over The Nose and Mouth While Riding The Trolley

Trolleys Will Have Face Coverings For Riders Who Do Not Have Them

Hourly Cleaning and Sanitizing of High Touch Areas
Including Passenger Seating Areas

Weekly Deep Cleaning Of Trolleys

Touch Less Hand Sanitizer Dispensers For Use For Riders Before and After Riding The Trolley

Entering Passengers Need To Wait For Passengers Exiting The Trolley Before Entering The Trolley

Open Air Trolleys

Dana Point Sustainability Solutions 2021

The City must sustain its ridership counts to retain grant funding that helps pay for much of the Trolley costs.
Dana Point needs everyone’s help to keep the PCH Trolley program running strong for years to come by hopping onboard during the weekdays and the weekends.

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