California Ortega Highway Weeknight Nightly Closure Tuesday September 28 2021

California State Route 74/Ortega Highway Courtesy of CalTrans District 8
California State Route 74/Ortega Highway Courtesy of CalTrans District 8

California Ortega Highway (State Route 74) Weeknight Nightly Closures Guide Tuesday September 28 2021.

UPDATE: October 2021. No 55-hr closures will occur during the month of October.

Caltrans Ortega Highway Alert For Monday September 27 2021 thru Friday October 1 2021 Is Online

Ortega Highway will be closed in Orange County and in Lake Elsinore and there will be no access and no thru traffic in either direction from 10:00pm-5:00pm on Weeknights until further notice.

CalTrans states that, “The purpose of this project is to improve the safety performance and reduce collision on Ortega Highway from the Orange/Riverside County Line All work is anticipated to be complete by Fall 2025.

Ortega Highway (State Route 74) Closure Details Are Online at CalTrans

There will be no through traffic allowed during the hours of 10:00pm-5:00am

All motorists will be turned around at 10:00pm (No Exceptions Allowed)
(All passes are invalid. Access through the work zone will be prohibited)

Use Alternate Routes

Local Residents Information

Location of nightly full closures are as follows:

Monday: September 27 2021: Pilot Vehicle Escorts

One-way traffic control with flagging and pilot vehicles will be in place for all motorists
on Monday only.
Residents and commuters will have through access via pilot car on Monday, September 27.
Be advised: You may experience delays of approximately 30 minutes while waiting for the pilot car.
Please wait for the designated pilot car to escort you through the construction zone.
This includes residents waiting for the pilot car to come to your driveways to the main highway.

Tuesday, September 28 through Friday, October 1-
Full weeknight closures from 10:00pm to 5:00am
Closure locations listed below.
No through traffic allowed during these days and hours.
All motorists (no exceptions) will be turned around at 10:00pm.
Alternate routes must be utilized to go around the closure to get to your destinations.
There will be no exceptions allowed.

Tuesday – Wednesday: RV Park / Campground and Candy Store: Access to and from
Orange County. All residents from Tenaja Truck Trail and east of Tenaja Truck Trail: Access
to and from Lake Elsinore.

Thursday and Friday: : All residents from the Candy Store and east of the Candy Store: Access
to and from Lake Elsinore.

Please remember this is an ACTIVE construction zone!

The contractor may be changing locations nightly, which will affect the direction of travel for residents that live
within the construction zone.

Ortega Highway Day Work Construction Delays

Day Work May Happen from 9:00am to 3:00pm

A flagging operation will be available to assist in traffic control

Be advised, you may experience long waits and delays due to construction operations.

Please obey all posted signs and traffic instructions

CHP will be on location and citing any offenders

All schedules are subject to change

Plan Ahead

Use caution and expect delays during construction hours.

Law enforcement will be on scene to assist with traffic control.

Remember to reduce your speed in and surrounding the work zone.

Be advised, weather may affect construction schedule.

Know before you go!

For up to date information and to sign up for commuter alerts, please go to SR: 74 Ortega Highway Widening Project

To stay on top of roadwork in the Inland Empire go to CalTrans District 8 and sign up for commuter alerts.

Latest Information At: CalTrans District 8 Facebook Page and CalTrans District 8 Twitter Page

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