California Issues Emergency Energy Alert and May Order Rotating Power Outages Tuesday September 6 2022

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California ISO has issued an Energy Emergency Alert on Tuesday September 6 2022.
Record Breaking Heat is creating high demand for energy.
The Grid Operator may order rotating power outages to lower demand and stabilize the system.

UPDATE at 8:00pm on Tuesday September 6 2022

CA ISO Announced on Twitter “At 8:00pm, the grid operator ended its Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) 3 with no load sheds for the night. Consumer conservation played a big part in protecting electric grid reliability. Thank you, California!”

California Is Currently on Day Seven of Flex Alerts to Conserve Energy.

Tuesday September 6 2022 at 5:17pm: Cal ISO: Energy Emergency Alert (EEA) 3 Declared

Record Heat and Demand has created electricity supplies running low.

The Grid Operator may order rotating power outages to lower demand and stabilize the system.

Power interruptions are kept as brief as possible and utilities rotate them through their customer base so that no one area has prolonged outages

Consumers Should Receive Notifications From Power Providers On Areas Affected

Phone/Text/Email Notifications Should Be Sent From Power Provider To Their Customers

SDGE Power Outage Map Is Online

SCE Power Outage Map Is Online

P G & E Power Outage Map Is Online

Controlled Power Outages Are Now Imminent

Tonight’s peak electricity demand is currently forecast at more than 52,000 megawatts (MW), a new historic all-time high for the grid, as the state endured the hottest day in this prolonged, record-breaking heat wave.

Rotating power outages, or small-scale, contained, controlled interruptions in power, can help maintain reliability and avoid cascading blackouts.

The ISO will work closely with California utilities and neighboring power systems to restore the power grid to full capacity when possible. As portions of the grid come back online, local utilities will then coordinate power restoration to consumers.

Cal ISO Rotating Power Outages Fact Sheet Is Online

SDGE Recommends Preparing For An Outage

Prepare A Outage Kit
Outage Kit Should Include
Battery-powered radio or television
A phone that does not require electricity
Non-electric alarm clock
Bottled water and nonperishable food
Manual can opener
First aid kit
Manufacturer’s instructions on how to manually open power-operated doors (e.g., garage doors)
Computer Tips

Protest Your Computer From Power Surges

Protect your computer from power surges with proper electrical connections.

Have a battery backup for your computer for use during outages.

If you work out of your home, take steps to secure back-up power, lighting, and safety options during an outage.

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