Greenpeace Fire Drill Fridays Examines The Midterm Elections November 11 2022

Greenpeace Jane Fonda Fire Drill Fridays November 11 2022
Join in on Greenpeace Jane Fonda’s Fire Drill Fridays on Facebook Live on November 11 2022.
Greenpeace Fire Drill Fridays Spotlights The Midterms Elections on November 11 2022

Fire Drill Fridays on November 11 2022 at 11:00am(pt) Features

Jane Fonda Hosts

Focus: Midterm Elections: What Happened and What’s Next

Let’s make sense of the election and how it impacts our fight for healthy communities and a livable planet.
This is the time; this is the moment.
With the wins and losses, the cheers and the heartbreak still fresh, let’s come together and discuss how we can most strategically move forward.

Guests Include

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair Jane Kleeb

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