Laguna Beach Aliso Beach Full Moon Drum Circle Guide Wednesday December 7 2022

Full Moon Courtesy of NASA
Full Moon Courtesy of NASA

Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle is Wednesday December 7 2022.

Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle Guide in December 2022.

The December Full Moon is called a Cold Moon and Will Have A Lunar Occultation.

Live Broadcast on Wednesday December 7 2022 of The Lunar Occultation From Griffith Observatory at 6:00pm-7:45pm

Watch Live and Archived Lunar Activity On Griffith Observatory YouTube Channel

December 2022 Full Moon NASA Information

December 7 2022 brings one of those magical moments when the sky changes dramatically before your very eyes.
It’s called a lunar occultation, as the Moon passes in front of, or occults, the Red Planet, Mars.
The spectacle will be visible in parts of North America, Europe, and Northern Africa.
(Viewers in the Southeast and on the East Coast will see the Moon just graze past Mars.)
For viewers in the U.S., Mars disappears behind the Moon sometime between about 6:30pm and 9:00pm, depending on your location, so check your favorite skywatching app to find the time for your area.
Southern California will be able to see the Lunar Occultation between 6:00pm-7:45pm. (Weather Permitting)

Laguna Beach Drum Circle Background
The Laguna Beach Drum Circle is an informal organic monthly event that encourages musicians, dancers, singers to come together under the full moon at the ocean.
The gathering is at sunset to 10:00pm

Laguna Beach Drum Circle Location
Aliso Creek County Beach is located in South Laguna at 31131 Coast Hwy.
There is metered parking in the adjacent lot.
There is another parking lot across the street and a underground pedestrian tunnel.
Please follow public safety measures in the area.

Aliso Beach Tides and Times Wednesday December 7 2022

3:09pm: Low Tide -0.66

9:39pm: High Tide 3.61

Sunset Is At 4:43pm.

Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle 2023 Schedule

Friday January 6 2023
Sunday February 5 2023
Tuesday March 7 2023
Thursday April 6 2023*
Friday May 5 2023
Saturday June 6 2023*
Monday July 3 2023
Tuesday August 1 2023
Wednesday August 30 2023
Tuesday September 29 2023
Saturday October 28 2023
Monday November 27 2023
Tuesday December 26 2023

*= Theses dates are supplied by Full Moon Laguna Beach Drum Circle Facebook Page.
April and Junes dates are different with the Farmers Almanac.

Laguna Drumming Facebook Page Advices to “please note that some people might go drumming the NIGHT BEFORE a full moon which occurs early in the day! (People could be there 2 nights in a row).”

Connect with NASA to learn about the Moon.

For more information please visit Old Farmer’s Almanac.

For more information please visit Laguna Drumming Facebook Page

For More Information Please Visit Full Moon Laguna Beach Drum Circle Facebook Page

Reminder: If there is construction at Aliso Beach, the Drum Circle Group may find another area on the Beach to meet. Just look around and you should be able to find them

South OC Beaches does not endorse or organize the Laguna Beach Full Moon Drum Circle at Aliso Creek County Beach.

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