San Clemente Polar Dip Plunge New Years Day Sunday January 1 2023

San Clemente Polar Dip Plunge By
San Clemente Polar Dip Plunge By

The San Clemente Polar Dip Plunge tradition continues on New Year’s Day Sunday January 1 2023.
This is an organic gathering of San Clemente Community Members.

High Tides at 5:00am of 5.29 are expected and 55 degree water temperatures are expected during the San Clemente Polar Plunge.

This is an annual event that attracts local water enthusiasts in the early morning daybreak hours thru 9:00am.

The event is held at Lost Winds Beach/ Lausen Beach in San Clemente.

Many early morning ocean enthusiasts swim the one mile round trip to Seal Rock.

The local lifeguards are on shore and in the water for the safety of the swimmers.

Many families participate and play in the shoreline.

Lost Winds Beach is located near 2002 Calle de Los Alamos in San Clemente California.

To get there you can take the I-5 Fwy and exit at exit (74) West Avenida Valencia.

Continue on to South Ole Vista and West Avenida De Los Lobos Marinos.

Continue to Called de Los Alamos.

There is a steep stairway and a train track to venture over.

This beach is located in a residential neighborhood.

Please be courteous when entering and exiting.

Please remember to practice all safety measures when approaching the train tracks and when swimming in the ocean.

Please practice safety measure and swim in pairs and or have someone watching you.

Times and Dates are subject to change.
Please contact the event organizer for the most up to date information.

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