California Coastal Commission Meeting Thursday November 16 2023

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The California Coastal Commission Meeting is in Rohnert Park California Thursday November 16 2023.
California Coastal Commission November 2023 Meeting is Wednesday November 15 2023 thru Friday November 17 2023.
The Public is Encouraged to participate.

Meeting Starts at 9:00am.

You can watch the California Coastal Commission Meetings Live and archived at Cal Span

California Coastal Commission Meeting Agenda Is Online

Thursday November 16 2023 Features

Energy, Ocean Resources & Federal Consistency Report

South Coast District (Orange County)

Doheny State Beach: Application of South Coast Water District to conduct geotechnical testing and install two monitoring wells to identify subsurface hydrogeologic conditions in support of preparing final designs for slant wells to be used by the District’s Doheny desalination facility, at Doheny State Beach, Orange County

Public Hearing For Laguna Beach Land Use Plan

Public Hearing For Laguna Beach Housing Plan

Friday November 17 2023 Features

San Diego Coast District

South Central Coast District

South Coast District (Los Angeles)

Wednesday November 15 2023 Featured

Executive Director’s Report/Legislative Report/LCP Grant Program Public Hearing/Public Hearing Tijuana River Pollution Crisis/Enforcement Report/North Coast District/North Central Coast/Johnson Pier Expansion and Replacement in Pillar Point Harbor San Mateo County/Central Coast District/Public Hearing for City of Santa Cruz Housing

Applicants and the public will be able to listen to and watch the meeting and comment by Zoom conference or by telephone.

Provide Comments via Zoom Conference or Phone

Provide a real-time comment via computer/tablet/phone

Listen and/or provide an audio comment by cell phone or land line

If you don’t have internet access, or you prefer to participate by phone, or you just want to listen to the meeting via your cell phone or a land line, call Commission staff at this number:
(415) 904-5202.

Email to

In the body of the email, please provide:
Your name
Your email address
Who you represent (i.e., self, another person, an organization)
The number and name of the agenda item you wish to speak on
(e.g., Item W14b, Smith)
Whether you are speaking for or against the proposed item
Whether you intend to provide a PowerPoint or video
Commission staff will send a return email to you with a link to join the Zoom meeting.

It is strongly encouraged anyone wishing to listen or speak by phone to call to request to speak by 5:00pm the day before the hearing item to assist with meeting management and limit the potential for human error.

California Coastal Commission Live Stream at Cal Span

Your voice can be heard at the California Coastal Commission Meeting.

If you have any concerns about California Beach issues you may address the Commission.

You can read the items now and submit online public comments to

California Coastal Commission Mission

The mission of the California Coastal Commission is to protect, conserve, restore, and enhance environmental and human-based resources of the California coast and ocean for environmentally sustainable and prudent use by current and future generations.

The Commission holds monthly public meetings of three to five days in length in different locations throughout the state.
The Commission meetings provide an opportunity for the Coastal Commissioners to take public testimony and to make permit, planning, and other policy decisions.
Prior to each meeting, Commission staff collects and analyzes information pertinent to meeting agenda items and prepares written staff reports with recommendations for Commission action.
These staff reports are available for public review, by contacting the appropriate Commission office. Some
elected staff reports are also available electronically by means of a link from the Commission’s
Meeting Notice.

For more information please visit California Coastal Commission.

You can watch the California Coastal Commission Meetings at Cal Span

* Any announcements regarding Commission actions will be made in public after the conclusion of the closed session.

Any announcements will also be posted on the Commission’s online agenda.

California Coastal Commission Scheduled Meetings

November 15 2023 thru November 17 2023: Graton Resort is located at 288 Golf Course Drive in Rohnert Park

December 13 2023 thru December 15 2023: Santa Cruz

February 7 2024 thru February 9 2024: San Diego

Times and Dates are subject to change.
Please contact the event organizer for the most up to date information.

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