Dana Point Whale and Dolphin Film Fest Starts Tonight!


UPDATE: Friday March 13 2015 is sold out. Tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday.

PhinFest is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing public education and charitable support through multi-media events for marine life protection and awareness.

This inaugural Phinfest will be held March 13-15 2015 in the after-hours of Festival of Whales at Ocean Institute in Dana Point, California.
New technologies, including sights and sounds of actual whale and dolphin projections will be shared in tandem with important films about extinction and conservation.
We invite face-to-face dialogue with those involved in actual conservation efforts.
Follow the double searchlights to the stunning Ocean Institute every night from March 13-15 to experience whales like never before.

Everyone loves dolphins and whales, but few know about the conservation efforts necessary for them to remain free and protected, and fewer have seen them up close or have met the people saving them.

But that will change once you experience #PhinFest.

Hosted by Ocean Institute in partnership with Festival of Whales, this new form of nighttime entertainment will inspire you to LEARN while you VIEW and INTERACT with dolphins and whales in exciting ways.

Since the educational merit of cetaceans typically gets lost in Hollywood, #PHINFEST will debut films that have both EDUCATIONAL and INSPIRATIONAL value curated for the new generation: OCEAN MILLENNIALS.
EXPERIENCE powerful films that will inspire you, SEE digitally projected WILD DOLPHINS & WHALES close up virtually swimming back to the REAL Ocean nearby.
HEAR the sounds of the ocean and its chorus of whales becoming totally IMMERSED in their world using modern INTERACTIVE digital technologies.

PARTICIPATE in discussions with renowned scientists and filmmakers about conservation, their films, and the status of cetaceans around the world.

But this isn’t just about raising awareness, we are raising funds for conservation heroes such as Ocean Institute, Animal Welfare Institute, American Cetacean Society, Orca Network, Orca Research Trust, among others.

We will LIVE-FEED the event on our YouTube channel and field questions from social media providing a new platform for interaction.

For more information please link to Phinfest