2 Earthquakes Overnight off the Catalina Coast

Map from the U.S. Geological Survey

Two Earthquakes struck overnight off the Catalina Coast.

The U.S. Geological Survey is reporting that a 3.5 magnitude hit off the coast of Catalina at 12:40am on Monday November 10 2014.

Two minutes later at 12:42 am a second quake registered at 4.1 magnitude.

There are no immediate reports of damage.

For more information please link to USGS

Laguna Beach Fire and Police will be Educating Students Today During The Great California Shakeout

Photo by South OC Beaches

Members of the Fire and Police Departments will be visiting all private and public schools in the City on Thursday, October 16, 2014, to participate in California’s “Great ShakeOut!” The purpose of the visit is to educate all students on what to do if and when and earthquake occurs. Students will be taught to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” during the actual shaking and then they will evacuate the building to a safe location on school property. In addition City personnel will work with the individual schools and go over disaster plans and supplies to ensure that they are all appropriate and current. While the statewide event is scheduled for 10:16 a.m., City staff will be working with each school to determine the best time.

For more information please link to Laguna Beach City News

For more information on The Great California Shakeout please link to California Shakeout