Keep your physical Comic-Con 2014 Badge for Comic-Con 2015 Preregistration


Comic-Con International 2014 may be over, but don’t throw away all that swag just yet! You’re going to need your physical Comic-Con 2014 badge to qualify you for Comic-Con 2015 preregistration this fall.

If you purchased a badge for Comic-Con 2014, you may have noticed a “Badge ID” printed at the bottom of your badge. Keep this number safe, as it is the key that will unlock 2015 preregistration for you! Sometime in the next couple of weeks you will receive a very important email from Comic-Con with instructions on how to enter your badge ID online for preregistration validation. The validation period will only be open for a short window of time so keep an eye out for this very important email or bookmark Toucan, the official blog of Comic-Con International, WonderCon Anaheim and APE. We will post helpful registration hints and tips on the blog in the weeks preceding preregistration.

If your Comic-Con 2014 badge does not have a “Badge ID” printed at the bottom, it is likely you attended under another category that is not eligible to participate in 2015 preregistration. Professionals, guest of professionals, trade professionals, exhibitors (and exhibitor-purchased attendee badges), volunteers, staff, complimentary passes, and press are not eligible to participate in online preregistration. Online registration for these categories will occur at a later date.

Please be sure to “opt-in” to email correspondence to receive all Comic-Con 2015 preregistration announcements. To review your opt-out selections, visit and log in to your Member ID account

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