Laguna Beach Arts Commission Meeting This Afternoon at 5:30pm.

Photo by South OC Beaches

The Laguna Beach Art Commission will be meeting today,
Monday August 11,2014 at 5:30pm.
The meeting will be held at 505 Forest Avenue Laguna Beach.
Agenda items are as follows:
A. 2014 Artist Designed Bench Competition – Discuss and approve competition guidelines. (Ballard)
B. September Sunset Serenades – Introduction schedule and update report. (Kollenda)
C. City Council Joint Meeting – Discuss agenda items for the City Council and Arts Commission joint meeting on September 16, 2014.(Mansour)
D. Police Memorial Sculpture – Update report. (Staff)

Public Communications – In order to assist the Arts Commission in the timely completion of its business, speakers are asked to limit any one of their presentations to three minutes or less. The Chairperson of the Arts Commission may extend this time for good cause. Names and, if given, addresses of speakers will be part of the official records and meeting minutes are placed on the City’s web-site.

For a complete agenda, please link here:

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