San Clemente Seeks Public Input on Local Coastal Program Tonight at 6:00pm at Community Center


The City of San Clemente is pleased to announce efforts to update its Local Coastal Program. The adoption of a new Local Coastal Program will give the City more control over approving projects within the City’s Coastal Zone and will streamline the Coastal Development Permit review process. The City’s Local Coastal Program is a planning document similar to the General Plan but specific to the Coastal Zone of the City. The Local Coastal Program, prepared in partnership with the California Coastal Commission, is a basic planning tool used by San Clemente to protect coastal resources and guide development in the Coastal Zone.
During the development of the Centennial General Plan, emphasis was placed on compliance with the Coastal Act and realization that our coast is a precious and finite resource that is a fundamental part of San Clemente’s identity. We each have our favorite beach, place to surf, play volleyball, walk, and enjoy the sunset. We need your participation to share with us your unique perspective about what you value most about San Clemente’s coast and what topics are the most important to you to address in the new Local Coastal Program.
The workshop is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 21st at the Ole Hanson Fireside Room located at the San Clemente Community Center at 100 N. Calle Seville. Staff will present the Local Coastal Program Update goals and process and provide an opportunity for public input and discussion of the major issues including: natural habitats, beaches, bluffs, coastal canyons, water quality, scenic resources, recreation, beach access, sea level rise, beach culture, visitors, and more.

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