Laguna Beach Holiday Palette Competition Entry Deadline Today at 5:00pm

Photo by South OC Beaches

2014 Holiday Palette Competition

The City of Laguna Beach Holiday Palette Competition is a project of the Arts Commission. Winning artists are provided with a 4’ x 3’ wooden palette on which to paint original artwork.
The completed palettes are temporary in nature and displayed on lampposts throughout the city during the winter holiday season.

Entries will be accepted from artists who reside, work or exhibit in Laguna Beach and are 18 years and older.
Proof will be required (driver’s license, utility bill, exhibition catalog, College registration, etc.)

Entry Requirements
Please submit a palette design to the scale of 81⁄2 x 11” in color within the border of a palette outline. The design must have a horizontal orientation. Please include the palette indent as integral to your design.
Also understand that if your design is selected you might be required to reverse the indent and your design.
All judging will be done anonymously; please do not sign the front of your submitted design.
You may submit one design.
If your design is selected you will be provided with a 4’ x 3’ wooden palette with a primed surface ready to paint.
You will be required to paint your approved design on one side with oil, acrylic, or another material that can withstand outdoor exposure.
The artist’s signature and date should be placed on the front right hand side.
Remember that palettes will be viewed from a distance.
There are no restrictions on the subject matter; however, religious symbols are discouraged.
Prospective palette designs must be delivered to the Cultural Arts Department by 5 p.m on Monday October 6 2014.

The Cultural Arts Department is located at City Hall at 505 Forest Avenue.

For more information please link to LB Holiday Palette

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