Bicycle Safety Explored at Laguna Beach City Council Meeting Tonight at 6:00pm

Photo by South OC Beaches

The Laguna Beach City Council meets tonight, Tuesday October 21 2014 at 6:00pm.
The Council meets at Council Chambers at Laguna Beach City Hall.
City Hall is located at 505 Forest Avenue.

The City Council has a full Agenda tonight. The Public is encouraged to attend.
One of the scheduled discussion items is Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety.
The proposed discussion includes:
BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN SAFETY PROGRAM Proposed (three pronged strategy) involving Engineering, Education and Enforcement to improve bicycle safety and to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities within the City.

Direct the City Manager to implement the proposed program to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety.

APPROVAL OF NORTH-SOUTH BIKE ROUTE PLAN AND INSTALLATION Proposal to approve the bike route plan and to install bike route signage and sharrows.

Authorize the installation of bike route signage and striping in accordance with the bike route plan and in conformance with a final design prepared by Fehr & Peers and approved by the City Engineer, using the City’s current striping contractor, Orange County Striping, for a fee not to exceed $20,000 based on unit prices in the current contract.

To read the full list of proposed discussion items, please link to Agenda

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