Laguna Beach Garden Club Welcomes Gloria Broming Presenting Dry Farming Today at 9:30am

Photo by South OC Beaches

The Laguna Beach Garden Club is welcoming guest speaker Gloria Broming today, Friday November 14 2014 at 9:30am.
Gloria Broming will be speaking about Dry Gardening.
The Club is meeting today at Laguna Presbyterian Church.
The Church is located at 415 Forest Avenue.

The Club meets in Tankersley Fellowship Hall of Laguna Presbyterian Church.
The hall is on Second Street midway between Forest Avenue and Mermaid Street.
The entrance to the hall is across the courtyard from the sanctuary.

Here is some tips from Guest Speaker Gloria Broming:

“Start by amending your soil with organic matter in Oct.- Nov., preparing the bed for a cover crop

• Plant the cover crop, Soil Building Cover Crop from is a great choice, irrigate as needed.

• Late winter (Feb./Mar.), plant tomato seeds, grow the plants in nursery pots until 2’ tall

• Early spring cut down the cover crop at 40% bloom, chop the green material into 1” pieces (lawn mowers work great), turn into the soil, or use as a mulch.

• Dig holes 1-1/2 feet deep, 6’ apart. Remove the tomatoes lower leaves and plant up to the top set. Water thoroughly, apply a 1” layer of straw mulch.

• Shut the irrigation off, and allow plants to sprawl.

• Cover exposed fruit with straw to prevent sunburn

• Enjoy, these intensely flavored tomatoes!”

For more information please link to Farm To Fork Garden Design

For more information please link to Laguna Beach Garden Club

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