Laguna Beach Urban Planning Meeting Today 8:00am

Photo by South OC Beaches

The Laguna Beach Urban Planning Committee meets today’s Friday March 27 2015 at 8:00am.
The meeting will conclude at 9:30am.
The meeting will be at the Laguna Beach Community Center located at 380 Third Street.
The public is encouraged to attend.

The City Manager has formed the Urban Planning Coordinating Committee for the purpose of meeting with City staff consultants, and representatives from the Planning Commission and the City Council who are working on various urban planning project.
These projects presently include the Downtown Specific Plan update, Public Transit Analysis, Off-season trolley program, Laguna Canyon Road Corridor Improvement Assessment, preparation of a Mobility Complete Streets Transition Plan, the Village Entrance Project, implementation of the Parking Management Plan, an update of the Landscape and Scenic Highways document, the Cultural Arts Plan, and the implementation of the off-season trolley service.
The Committee will help the City Manager manage and coordinate these efforts while also providing an opportunity for those working on the projects to benefit from a shared understanding of the work that is being done.

This coordinated effort should also improve the dissemination of public information regarding the projects and future public input opportunities.

For more information please link to City of Laguna Beach

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