WonderCon 2015 Countdown: All about the Masquerade!

Photo by David Crane of South OC Beaches at Comic-Con 2014

WonderCon Countdown: All About The Masquerade Story by: David Crane

WonderCon Anaheim, one of the country’s best comics and popular arts conventions, is held at the beautiful Anaheim Convention Center.
WonderCon is this weekend, Friday April 3 2015 through Sunday April 5 2015.
The Anaheim Convention Center is located at 800 West Katella Avenue.

South OC Beaches will be providing you with all the insiders info all this week!
You will be totally prepared to make the most out of your WonderCon Weekend!

Tickets for WonderCon are still available. We will tell you how to get them!

WonderCon Anaheim’s Masquerade will be held on Saturday, April 4, beginning at 8:30 pm in the Anaheim Convention Center Arena.

The event is free to participate in or attend; only a WonderCon Anaheim badge valid for Saturday is needed.
Doors will open for audience seating at 8:00 pm, and the event will run about 2.5 hours.
Special seating will be available for the disabled, selected press, and for special guests of the convention.
Audience tickets are not used for this event, as the Arena has plenty of seating.
The line for front-section seating usually begins about 2 hours early, but if you can’t arrive early, no worries, you can arrive at show time and seating can still be found.

The WonderCon Masquerade is filled at this time and no new entries are being accepted.
However, a Waiting List will be available at the Masquerade Desk onsite, and interested costumers can sign-up to fill contestant spots that may arise from last-minute cancellations.
The Masq. Desk is located in Lobby B/C at the Anaheim Convention Center.

No flash photography is allowed in the arena, although photos and video of this event are allowed.
However, any photos or video taken must be for non-profit, personal use only.
There will be a flash-allowed posing area with backdrop in a nearby room where the contestants will go after their stage presentations, but spaces are limited, and photographers who wish access to the Photo Area should reserve a spot in advance by writing to the Coordinator at the e-mail above.

Special WonderCon trophies will be awarded in a variety of categories by our panel of guest judges, in these categories:

Best In Show
Judges’ Choice
Best Re-Creation
Best Original Design
Best Workmanship
Most Humorous
Best Presentation

In addition to the beautiful trophies given by our judges, the following companies will be presenting their own prizes to winners they select: and more companies may join this list as the convention approaches:

Frank and Son Collectible Show of the City of Industry, California, “
“The first and last stop for ALL your collectible needs”, will present a generous $500 cash prize to the costume entry they deem to be the audience favorite.

DC Comics representatives will bestow a very special prize to the entry they deem as the best re-creation of a DC character or characters.

Lucasfilm Ltd. will present an impressive collectible Star Wars prize, specially selected from the Lucasfilm Licensing Archives, to what they select as the best costume entry from the Star Wars universe.

The Costumer’s Guild West will be presenting a full scholarship and one night’s hotel stay (valued at $300) to their weekend conference, Costume College, July 30–Aug 2, 2015 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, California, which will be awarded to the entry their representatives select as showing the most promise.
Costume College provides educational lectures and workshops in every aspect of costuming. More information about this annual event can be found at http://www.costumecollege.org (link is external).

EGMNOW.com (link is external), the exciting new site for all things video games, movies, and pop culture, will present, for the Best Costume Based on a Film, TV show, or Video Game, a generous prize package worth over $700, to include a Microsoft Xbox One, a copy of Mortal Kombat Z, and a Goro Mortal Kombat Statue!
More companies may join this list as the convention approaches, so check this website periodically for updates on Masquerade awards, and get started now on that great costume idea!

For more information please link to WonderCon 2015

Tickets for WonderCon 2015 are still available.
Ticket availability is subject to change at anytime.
Tickets will not be sold at the event site.
Currently only Friday April 3 2015 and Sunday April 5 2015 are still available.

To purchase tickets please link to WonderCon

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