Laguna Beach Schools Start Back Tuesday September 8 2015: Remember to Drive Safe!

school bus by
school bus by

Laguna Beach Unified School District starts back to school Tuesday September 8 2015.

Laguna Beach residents are reminded to be extra safe today!

Please obey all posted speed limits to ensure our children’s safety.

Remember to watch for children crossing the street.

Please remember to obey all California State Laws when approaching a school bus.

Please drop off children in designated areas at your local schools.

The Laguna Beach Police Department wants to remind residents that traffic will be a little heavier than normal in the areas surrounding the public and private schools in Laguna Beach.

Minor traffic delays are expected on Laguna Canyon Road near Anneliese School, North Coast Highway near El Morro Elementary School and Park Avenue near Thurston Middle School and Laguna Beach High School.

The Police Department will be present at many of these locations during the first week to ensure a smooth drop off and pick up schedule for parents unfamiliar with the traffic patterns.

In addition to their presence at some of the campuses, the Police Department is also:

Deploying message trailers in school zones to remind motorists about the start of school.

The City will be using its social media accounts (Twitter and Facebook) to “get the message out” and update the public.

The schools are including traffic information in their email blasts to parents prior to, and after the start of, the school year.

The City traffic alert texting/email system will be used to advise motorists of traffic concerns or closures.

Police Department staff will be present at a few “Back to School Nights” the week of September 14th to meet with parents and provide educational information about our partnership with the school district.

When to stop for school buses?

Each year at this time law enforcement is asked about the rules regarding stopping for school buses.

California Vehicle Code section 22454(a/b) requires vehicles to stop whenever a school bus displays flashing red lights, and if equipped, a stop signal arm which is projected.

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