Early Days In Laguna Beach Presentation Tuesday November 24 2015

Image Courtesy of Laguna Beach Historical Society
Image Courtesy of Laguna Beach Historical Society

Laguna Beach Historical Society presents Joe Thurston’s “Early Days in Laguna Beach” Tuesday November 24 2015.

This is a free Laguna Beach Family Friendly Event.

Lecture will be at 7:30pm at Laguna Beach City Hall located at 505 Forest Avenue.

Phil Brigandi will discuss the Thurston family members who were the first permanent settlers in South Laguna, arriving in Aliso Canyon in 1871.

Their three-year-old son, Joseph, lived in Laguna for most of the rest of his long life, dying in 1957 at age 89.

His recollections, written in the 1930s and 1940s, are a valuable source of local lore.

But his book, Early Days in Laguna Beach (1947) also presents a stark view of his childhood that was resented even by some members of his own family.

Orange County Historian, author, and activist Phil Brigandi will discuss Thurston, his family, his book, and his other writings and the controversy they created.

Locals can view live on Cox Cable 30 or 852.

For more information please visit the Laguna Beach Historical Society Facebook Page.

For more information please visit Laguna Beach Historical Society.

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