Laguna Beach Free Sandbags Friday January 1 2016

Photo by South OC Beaches

Laguna Beach is offering pre-filled sandbags at no cost to residents and business owners of Laguna Beach who may need them to protect their property.

These sandbags are not for private contractors or commercial purposes.

Laguna Beach Pre-filled sandbags are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week beginning Friday afternoon January 1 2016 on a first-come-first-serve basis.(limit 10 per resident).

Sandbags can be picked up at either of the two following locations:

ACT V Parking Lot – 1900 Laguna Canyon Road

Aliso Beach Inland Parking Lot – 31118 Coast Highway

Fire Station 1
501 Forest Avenue

Fire Station 2
285 Agate Street

Fire Station 3
2900 Alta Laguna Blvd.

Fire Station 4
31646 2nd Avenue

The unfilled sandbags cannot be filled with sand from Laguna’s beaches or playgrounds.

For locations where sand can be purchased go to Laguna Beach Sandbags.

The City is also doing its part to protect the community by cleaning and inspecting the Laguna Canyon Channel, maintaining public terrace drains and manholes, and conducting outreach including workshops and mailers to property and business owners.

The City encourages residents to protect their homes from flooding by remembering the following tips:

Clear out rain gutters and pick up litter and loose objects on your property.

Anything loose can be washed away.

Sand bag flood prone areas.

Check your own yard drains to make sure they are not clogged.

While not required, flood insurance is recommended for flood prone properties.

Please visit Laguna Beach Emergency Services for further information about Emergency Preparedness and for video footage from past Laguna Beach disasters.

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