Laguna Beach Garden Club Cactus and Succulent Presentation Friday January 8 2016

California Beaches by
California Beaches by

The Laguna Beach Garden Club meets Friday January 8 2016 at 9:30am.

Special Presentation Friday January 8 2016:
Kelly Griffin: Madagascar – Plantasy Fantasy

As president of the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Society, Kelly will share one of his travel plant expeditions to Africa in search for water wise plants that will thrive in California’s similar climate.

Do not miss this rare opportunity to learn how plants in other countries in the Mediterranean climate as far away as off the coast of eastern Africa are perfect for the Southern California beach climes.

Kelly is most recognized with finding and creating new different plants that can be used in garden settings.
Kelly’s hybrid aloes are well-known in the nursery industry and collected by aloe enthusiasts.
Kelly is the manager of Succulent Plant Development for Altman Plants in Northern San Diego County, which is the largest producer of succulents in the country.
He has introduced more than 100 succulents to the plant world.

To learn more about Kelly and his own garden visit the following YouTube link: Kelly Griffin’s Own Succulent Garden.

Laguna Beach Garden Club meetings are at 9:30am the second friday of each month during the months of September through May.

The Laguna Beach Garden Club meets at Tankersley Fellowship Hall of Laguna Presbyterian Church.
The church is located at 415 Forest Avenue.
The hall is on Second Street midway between Forest Avenue and Mermaid Street.
The entrance to the hall is across the courtyard from the sanctuary.

If you are thinking about joining, please join them today at their meeting!

The Laguna Beach Garden Club was founded over 80 years.
The Laguna Beach Garden Club supports a wide variety of projects.
Focus is on education in gardening, horticulture, landscape and floral design, conservation, ecology, and bird life.

They make annual donations to several local public gardens and arboretums.
Saddleback College horticultural students have benefitted for several years from their scholarship program.
The downtown “Pocket Garden” on Forest Ave. was refurbished through the hard work of their members and they have committed to maintain its beauty indefinitely.

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