Laguna Outreach for Community Arts Collage Class Wednesday January 13 2016


Laguna Outreach for Community Arts (LOCA) Abstract Collage Class is Wednesday January 13 2016.

LOCA Abstract Collage Workshop is a two day workshop that concludes on Wednesday January 20 2016.

Using in-house art supplies (paints, inks colored pencils, charcoal. markers, craypas, assorted papers, magazines, found objects) Artist Lawrence Terry will instruct you to explore collaging, drawing, painting, assemblage, stamps and stenciling to create a piece.

Participants are asked to bring in elements they’d like to use (added surprise instruction will be to exchange materials).

This event is at Susi Q Community Center at 380 Third Street.

Event time is from 1:00pm to 4:00pm.

Fee: $30 for two classes

Limited to students 50 yrs and up

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