Dana Hills High School SOCSA The Bourgeois Gentleman Friday February 19 2016

The Bourgeois Gentleman at SOCSA.org 2016

South Orange County School of the Arts The Bourgeois Gentleman is at Dana Hills Highs School Friday February 19 2016.
Performance Time is 7:00pm.

The Bourgeois Gentleman will also be performed on Saturday February 20 2016.

This is a Dana Point Family Friendly Event.

The Bourgeois Gentelman will be at Dana Hills High School Porthole Theatre.

Dana Hills High School is located at 33333 Golden Lantern Street.

You don’t want to miss this hilarious comedy presented by the SOCSA students.

Playwright Moliere presents the foolish Jourdain (Carson Carroll) whose one aim is life is to rise above the middle class.
Jourdain continually makes a fool of himself through learning various arts, attempting to seduce a Marchioness, and striving to marry his daughter to a nobleman.
Of course, the audience has nothing to fear, as Jordain’s wife (Emily Forster) keeps her husband in check and the ingenuity of love (by way of mistaken identities) will ultimately overcome all obstacles.
Costumes and scenery are set in the 17th century and worth the price of admission.
Playwright Moliere is considered one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western Literature.

Tickets are available online for $12.00 and $15.00.

Friday February 19 2016 Reserve Tickets

Saturday February 20 2016 Reserve Tickets

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