The Ecology Center Native Garden Design and Care Saturday February 20 2016

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The Ecology Center presents Native Garden Design and Care Saturday February 20 2016.

Explore the basics of creating and caring for an abundant, low maintenance and drought tolerant garden using Native Plants adapted to our region’s climate!

Learn about different plant types, garden designs, site preparation, lawn remediation, soil, irrigation, and other techniques to start, establish and maintain your native garden!

Native gardens save water, reduce waste and pollution, require low care, are fit for any busy schedule, need no chemical fertilizers and pesticides, provide habitat for beneficial insects and wildlife, support local ecology and can be a source of natural therapies.
Creating and caring for your own native garden is easy and has many sustainable benefits for yourself, your community and the environment.

On average, a native garden uses 80% less water, generates 55% less green waste and requires 70% less maintenance than the traditional garden.
The savings from these resources can be reinvested in other regenerative and sustainable home elements, like food producing raised beds, fruit trees, and culinary and healing herb gardens.

A native garden promotes and supports a healthy, abundant and sustainable future for all!
Nothing, including hard degraded soils or lawns, can stay in your way to create the native garden you desire at your home!

Learn hands-on about designing a home native garden

Learn hands-on about the step-by-step process to start, establish and maintain a native garden,

Gain insights about plant choices, site preparation, lawn remediation where appropriate, soil and earth works, irrigation, mulching, seasonal care and more

All attendees will receive 1 or 2 informational hand-outs to complement the subjects covered in the workshop.

Instructor Lucian Toma became a passionate organic gardener during his Master’s Program in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development.
Currently he grows much of the vegetables and herbs consumed in his household in San Clemente, with surplus for sharing with neighbors, extended family and local wildlife.
His gardens abound with ecological design features, combining rainwater harvesting earthworks, drip irrigation, mulch, native plants, succulents, fruit trees and edible crops.
Since growing his own food and spending time the gardens, Lucian says he is more aware of the local natural flow of things and has seen a major improvement in his physical, intellectual and spiritual well being. Professionally, he leads Public Programs at The Ecology Center and can be found in the gardens quite often.

The Ecology Center is located at 32701 Alipaz Street in San Juan Capistrano.

Please register at The Ecology Center.

Tickets are $30.00 for The Ecology Center Members and $40.00 for Non Members.

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