Orange County No Wood Burn Monday February 29 2016

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South Coast Air Quality Management District Mandatory No Wood Burn Monday February 29 2016 for all residents of Orange County.
This goes into effect until Tuesday March 1 2016 at 12:01am.

When unhealthful air quality is in the forecast it is mandatory that no wood fires be burned.

No-burn alerts are mandatory in order to protect public health due to a high concentration of fine particle air pollution forecast for the area.

The no-burn prohibition also applies to manufactured fire logs, such as those made from wax or paper.

Fine particles in wood smoke – also known as particulate matter or PM2.5 – can get deep into the lungs and cause respiratory illnesses, increases in emergency room visits and hospitalization

The South Coast Air Quality Management District will issue mandatory no-burn alerts from November 1 2015 through the end of February 2016 for specific areas where fine particulates are forecast to reach unhealthful levels.

Daily forecast information can be found on the SCAQMD’s Check Before You Burn.

Wood Smoke Has Dangerous Health Risks

Wood smoke can be a significant source of fine particulate matter pollution, it also contains toxic air contaminants.

Health studies link fine particulate matter to serious health problems including decreased lung function, aggravated asthma, irregular heartbeat and premature death.

Vulnerable groups include people with existing heart and lung disease, the young and the elderly.

South Coast Air Quality Management District Email Program

You can also sign up to receive Air Alerts on air quality and to be notified when a mandatory no-burn alert has been issued for your neighborhood.

South Coast Air Quality Management District Toll-Free Phone Number

Check Before You Burn information can also be obtained by calling 866-966-3293

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