Whedonopolis Los Angeles Friday May 13 2016 Schedule and More!

Whedoncon.com 2016

Whedonopolis, The Josh Whedon Annual Charity Fan Convention starts Friday May 13 2016 in Los Angeles.
South OC Beaches has all the details! We will have pictures throughout the weekend on our Twitter Feed.

Whedonopolis 2016 is in Los Angeles May 13 2016 thru Sunday May 15 2016.

Whedonopolis™ 2016 is a Whedonverse convention that celebrates Josh Whedon film works.
Josh Whedon notable films include:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The Cabin in the Woods
The Avengers
Avengers: Age of Ultron

Whedonopolis is designed by fans for fans, with the aim of harnessing the power of fandom to raise money for charities while creating a fun, interactive environment for attendees.

Whedonopolis 2016 Highlights Include:



Dancing at The Bronze ( think prom do over!)

Super Heros Roast Comedy Central Style

Meet and Greets with Whedon Veterans

Whedon Screenings

Charity Auction

Whedonopolis is at The Airtel Plaza Hotel

Airtel is located at 7277 Valjean Avenue in Van Nuys California.

Airtel Hotel Phone: 818.997.7676

Tickets Are Available Onsite

Memberships Will Be Sold At The Door

On-Site Registration Opens Friday at 1:00pm, Saturday & Sunday at 9:00am

At Door Prices Will Be
All 3 Days/Full Weekend Adult Memberships (13 and up) – $70 ($73 if paid by credit card)
All 3 Days/Full Weekend Youth Memberships* (6 to 12) – $50 ($53 if paid by credit card)

1 Day Adult Memberships
Friday Only – Adult Memberships (13 and up) – $25 ($28 if paid by credit card)
Saturday Only – Adult Memberships (13 and up) – $45 ($48 if paid by credit card)
Sunday Only – Adult Memberships (13 and up) – $35 ($38 if paid by credit card)

2016 Charities Benefited by Whedonopolis 2016

Benefiting Charities for 2016 events are two anti-bullying organizations:

The Sophie Lancaster Foundation supported by Juliet Landau

Pop Culture Hero Coalition founded by Chase Masterson

Along with a Baby Item Drive for the San Fernando Valley Chapter Newborns In Need in Need of purchased, handmade or crafted items such as baby hat, scarfs and blankets (Jane hats and 4th Doctor scarfs maybe? This non-denominational chapter provides essential baby items to families at local shelters, hospitals, clinics and pregnancy centers. )

Wedonopolis Friday May 13 2016 Schedule

Whedonopolis 2016 Friday May 13 2016 Schedule

Friday Evening Events

Wonder Woman Table Read
7PM – 10PM, Programming 1

Whedonverse Family Feud
10PM – 11:30PM, Programming 1

Caritas Karaoke
8PM – Midnight, Programming 2

So This One Time at Con…
8:30PM – 10PM, Programming 3

Whedon’s Wonder Woman and It’s Place in the Mythos
10PM – 11:30PM, Programming 3

Star Wars Marathon Pajama Party
10PM – 7AM (Overnight), Media Room

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