Ecology Center Grown Your Own Gardening Workshop Saturday May 21 2016

The Ecology Center by
The Ecology Center by

The Ecology Center San Juan Capistrano Grow Your Own Gardening Workshop is Saturday May 21 2016.

The Ecology Center Grow Your Own Container and Patio Gardening Workshop is from 1:00pm to 3:00pm.

This is a San Juan Capistrano Family Friendly Eco Event.

When you garden in a container, you can grow your own food anywhere – front yards, backyards, paved walkways, patios, rooftops and window sills.

Container gardening allows you to easily manage soil moisture, sunlight, temperature, weeds, and pests.
With the right plants, container size, soil mixture, and watering schedule you can create an abundant harvest in even a small space.

In this workshop, you will learn:

The many benefits of growing your own food for you, your community, and the environment

How to pick plants and pair them with the appropriate container size

About different types of containers and how to maximize your yield of edible crops with each one

How to maintain the appropriate soil mixture, water your containers, apply mulch, prune, and more

Create a seasonal planting and care plan for your container garden

All attendees will receive an informational hand-out to complement the subjects covered in the workshop.

Every participant will prepare and take home their own small potted garden!

Instructor: Lucian Toma

Instructor Bio:
Lucian became a passionate organic gardener during his Master’s Program in Global Leadership and Sustainable Development.
Currently he grows much of the vegetables and herbs consumed in his household in San Clemente, with surplus for sharing with neighbors, extended family, and local wildlife.
To keep the garden thriving he has been maintaining and experimenting with a hot pile and worm composting system for the past 5 years.
Professionally, he leads Public Programs at The Ecology Center and can be found in the gardens quite often.

The Ecology Center is an environmental educational center whose purpose is to engage the entire family in fun, hands-on activities that teach practical, environmental solutions.

The goal of The Ecology Center is to inspire positive change to the environment of Southern California.

Understand how you can take positive action towards a healthier community and environment!

The Ecology Center Container and Patio Gardening Workshop Tickets:

Members $30.00 Non Member $40.00
The Ecology Center is located at 32701 Alipaz Street in San Juan Capistrano.

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