Roger’s Gardens Free Gardening Workshop Saturday May 21 2016

California Organic Produce by
California Organic Produce by

Roger’s Gardens Corona Del Mar Free Gardening Workshop is Saturday May 21 2016.

This is a Corona Del Mar Free Event.

Roger’s Gardens is located at 2301 San Joaquin Hills Road in Corona del Mar.

This event is from 9:00am to 10:00am.

Roger’s Gardens Maximizing Your Garden Potential with Steve Goto

Ever wonder how to get the most out of your vegetable crops.
Steve Goto will be presenting a lecture on simple fixes we can do to maximum our bounty of vegetables.
Steve will explain simple fixes such adding soil, fertilizers and soil amendments, using worm castings and Malibu compost and how much water do vegetables need.
Steve will explain how, then he will educate why.
This is a fascinating and very informative lecture.

Bring your questions as audience participation is encouraged.

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