Laguna Beach Is On Instagram Wednesday June 15 2016

InstaGram Logo

The City of Laguna Beach launches its Instagram account on June 15 2016.

The City’s newest social media presence, which can be found on Instagram @lagunabeachgov, will tell the story of the (often unseen) work that keeps the City running, the people who do that work, and other visual moments of Laguna Beach.

City of Laguna Beach Instagram photos will be tagged #LagunaBeachCity.

Periodically City departments will be invited to host an “Instagram Takeover” and post from their department’s perspective.

Look for the Marine Safety Department to take over the City’s Instagram feed over Independence Day weekend.

Like our Facebook and Twitter accounts, the purpose of Laguna Beach’s Instagram account is to build relationships and communicate with those who live, work, visit, and conduct business in the City of Laguna Beach.

The City of Laguna Beach is on Facebook as “City of Laguna Beach” and on Twitter @lagunabeachgov.

For more information about Laguna Beach’s Instagram account or the City’s social media presence please contact Jennifer Chapman, Digital Communications Coordinator at: or (949) 497-0795.

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