Trestles Surfing Contest Wednesday June 22 2016

California Surfing by
California Surfing by

Surfing America USA Surfing Championships 2016 Lower Trestles continues Wednesday June 22 2016.

Surfing America USA Surfing Champions at Lower Trestles begins Monday June 20 2016 and continues thru Thursday June 23 2016.

Surfing America USA will have water coolers available from Hurley.
Non-competitors need to bring a refillable container for you water.

USA Surfing Championships Schedule Wednesday June 22 2016

8:00 AM Boys U18 Rd 1
8:20 AM Boys U18 Rd 1
8:40 AM Boys U18 Rd 1
9:00 AM Girls U16 Rd 3
9:20 AM Girls U16 Rd 3
9:40 AM Girls U16 Rd 3
10:00 AM Boys U16 Qtr
10:20 AM Boys U16 Qtr
10:40 AM Boys U16 Qtr
11:00 AM Boys U16 Qtr
11:20 AM Boys U18 Rd 2
11:40 AM Boys U18 Rd 2
12:00 PM Boys U18 Rd 2
12:20 PM Boys U18 Rd 2
12:40 PM Boys U18 Rd 2
1:00 PM Boys U18 Rd 2
1:20 PM Boys U18 Rd 2
1:40 PM Boys U18 Rd 2
2:00 PM Girls U18 Qtr
2:20 PM Girls U18 Qtr
2:40 PM Girls U18 Qtr
3:00 PM Girls U18 Qtr
3:20 PM Boys U18 Qtr
3:40 PM Boys U18 Qtr
4:00 PM Boys U18 Qtr
4:20 PM Boys U18 Qtr
4:40 PM Finish

USA Surfing Monday June 20 2016 Heat Draws

To reach Trestles take the 5 Fwy South.

Exit Cristianitos. Park legally near this exit and walk down towards the beach. This is about a 15 minute walk.

Alternate Route: Enter at San Clemente State Beach.
Take the 5 Fwy South to Basilone Road to San Clemente State Beach.
The walk into lower trestles is slightly longer than parking at Cristianitos.
There is also a charge for parking at the State Beach.

Parking is at the Lower Trestles Special Event Lot just past the Lowers Drop Off.

Parking is $20 a day and no State Park Passes accepted.
The 1LAW shuttle bus will be running from 6:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Free parking available on the street at Chrisitanitos exit and State Park passes accepted in the lot next to Carl’s Jr. No shuttle is available from these lots.
It is a 1 mile walk. Do not trample the plants and watch for rattle snakes on the trail.
Try to take the shuttle bus to avoid crossing the railroad tracks.

For up to date information please visit Surfing America USA Facebook Page.

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