Laguna Beach Books Meet The Author Sunday June 26 2016

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Laguna Beach Books Presents local Author Christal Daehnert Sunday June 26 2016.

Meet local Author Christal Daehnert is a Free Laguna Beach Event that begins at 3:00pm.

Laguna Beach Books presents local author Christal Daehnert and her illustrator Christen Phillips.

They will be discussing their new book. Kelly Finds a Way.

Kelly Finds a Way is a story about how a child’s natural curiosity, when nurtured by a relationship with a loving adult, encourages exploration and expansion of a child’s external surroundings and internal world.

A safe and secure foundation with a parent or other loving adult enables a child to feel less alone as the child deals with complex emotions, faces challenges and overcomes obstacles, developing greater resiliency, resourcefulness and competency along the way.

Reading stories like Kelly Finds A Way to a child helps to build and solidify secure attachments within a child.
The voice of the loving adult is something a child carries inside as he/she navigates the challenges of day to day life.

Laguna Beach Books Parking

Laguna Beach Books is located at 1200 South Coast Highway.

There is metered timed street parking in the area.

There is also garage token parking behind the book store.

Please ask Laguna Beach Books for a token before you leave.

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