Laguna Beach Bluebird Canyon Power Outage Saturday July 9 2016

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Laguna Beach Power Outage near Bluebird Canyon Saturday July 9 2016.

UPDATE: 9:23am: 58 Customers are affected with estimated power restoration at 11:00am.

Southern California Edison is reporting a Power Outage in the Bluebird Canyon area of Laguna Beach at 7:30am Saturday July 9 2016.

SCE has determined the outage to be due to equipment failure.

SCE is estimating complete power restoration after 8:30am Saturday July 9 2016.

The outage affected 311 Laguna Beach residents.

Power Outage Safety Tips

Use flashlight rather than candle for light

If using a standby generator follow these safety tips

Turn off major appliances like dishwasher or A/C that were running when the power went out to prevent them from

starting unexpectedly when power is restored

Unplug or turn off TVs, stereos or game systems

Leave one light on so you know when power is restored

South OC Beaches will keep you updated as the news becomes available.

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