San Clemente Cabrillo Theatre Bed Matinee Sunday July 31 2016

San Clemente Cabrillo Playhouse Bed Summer 2016
San Clemente Cabrillo Playhouse Bed Summer 2016

San Clemente’s Cabrillo Playhouse Bed concludes Sunday July 31 2016.

Can a broken hearted Broadway musical composer find the true meaning of love after his wife runs off to Italy and his Bed suddenly comes to life?
Can three very different women figure out why creative, artistic men just don’t “get it”?
And how can anyone write a love song when they think that love is basically a crock that only happens in romantic comedies?
Find the answers to these questions and more in this contemporary romp that takes you from the streets of Broadway to the canals of Venice, and back again.
Don’t miss this great original play by one of San Clemente’s own playwrights, Tom Swimm!

Cabrillo Playhouse Bed Schedule and Tickets Online for $20.00

Sunday July 31 2016 at 2:00pm

The Cabrillo Playhouse is located at 202 Avenida Cabrillo in San Clemente.

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