Laguna Beach Emergency Disaster Meeting Saturday August 13 2016

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The City of Laguna Beach and the City’s Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Committee will be conducting a community meeting on Saturday August 13 2016.
The public is encourage to attend.

The meeting is at 10:00am at the Susi Q Community Center, 380 Third Street.

The public meeting is being held to explain a proposed pilot program for the “alphabet streets” in the Alta Vista Way neighborhood.
The Emergency Access Improvement Program would enhance access for the public safety vehicles responding to emergencies in the neighborhood.

The goal of this pilot program is not to create fire lanes.
The establishment of fire lanes would prohibit parking on both sides of the street based on the current Fire Code standards and the existing width of the alphabet streets in the Alta Vista Way community.

What City staff and the Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Committee are recommending is to establish parking restrictions in specific locations on one or both sides of the street to enhance access for emergency vehicles.

Some street segments would have no parking while other street segments would continue to have parking on one or both sides of the street depending on the width of the street.

There are existing parking restrictions in place on some street segments already, which would remain. Unfortunately, the existing parking restrictions do not provide adequate space for emergency vehicle access.

A fire engine or ambulance needs an unobstructed road width of at least 14 feet.

Public input from this meeting will be shared with the City Council when City staff and the Emergency/Disaster Preparedness Committee reports back to the City Council at a future date, which has yet to be determined.

For more information please visit The City of Laguna Beach.

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