San Clemente Library Genetics Presentation Friday March 3 2017

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San Clemente Library Genealogy: DNA, Genetics, and Inheritance with is Friday March 3 2017.

This is a San Clemente Free Family Friendly Event.

Dr. Tina Hambuch discusses how DNA and Heritage affect our lives.

Dr. Hambuch will discuss:

The basics of DNA and inheritance.

Genetic variation trends across populations, and how they serve to identify and reconstruct important historic events such at migrations out of Africa, the land-bridge to the Americas, and the Viking invasions.

How we use population data to start getting to our personal genetics.

How inherited diseases and genetics affect and add to each other.

What we understand and are still learning about disease.

What genes tell us about the future and how they help us make new discoveries.

Dr. Tina Hambuch is a credentialed scientist and Medical Director of Pediatrics at Invitae.

Invitae is a genetic testing laboratory.

You can call at 949-492-3493 for more information.

San Clemente Library is located at 242 Avenida Del Mar.

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San Clemente City Lots are behind the Community Center and on streets near Avenida Del Mar.

Private Pay lots are near Avenida Del Mar.

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