Dana Point 5 Headland Hotel Developments at City Council Meeting Tuesday June 20 2017

The Strand Hotel Devlopment Courtesy of thestrandochotel.com
The Strand Hotel Devlopment Courtesy of thestrandochotel.com

Dana Point City Council Meeting will discuss the proposed (5) separate Hotel Development proposals for the Dana Point Headlands on Tuesday June 20 2017.
The Dana Point Community is encouraged to attend.

The Dana Point City Council will be reviewing the Dana Point Hotel Development Update at the City Council Meeting starting at 6:00pm.

The report states in part that,…”Understanding the economic importance of hotel development within the City, staff have employed a number of measures to expedite project review.”

Dana Point Current Hotel Proposals

Project Name: Wave Resort: Headlands Commercial
Project Address: 34075 Pacific Coast Highway (vacant parcels on PCH between Shoreline Drive and Green Lantern)
Project Description: A 35,000 square foot two-story building with a restaurant, 57 room (3 to 4 star) hotel, and 40 bed hostel. A Visitor Center and public art will also be incorporated into the project.
Project Status: The project is tentatively scheduled for Planning Commission on July 10 2017.

Project Name: Resort Hotel at Cannons
Project Address: 34344 Green Lantern
Project Description: 102 room resort (approx. 32,000 sf) including two restaurants (one at 1,290 sf w/ 384 sf of outside dining, and a 1,322 sf Courtyard Café) and a 900 sf spa. Three parking levels with vehicular entries off of both Santa Clara Avenue and Green Lantern.
Project Status: Second review comments sent on 01/08/17. Resubmittal scheduled for 06/20/17.

Project Name: Luxury Hotel on Green Lantern (Headlands Hotel Site, no formal name)
Project Address: Has not been set (vacant parcels on Green Lantern as it transitions to Scenic Drive)
Project Description: 90 room luxury resort with multiple pools, restaurants, and meeting room options. A full spa and retail space is also envisioned for the facility. Project Status: The architect has been working closely with planning staff to refine the project. Based on conversations with the architect, staff expects a formal application submittal this fall of 2017.

Project Name: Green Lantern Hotel Four Sisters Project
Project Address: 34482 Green Lantern (vacant parcels at the corner of Green Lantern and Cove Road)
Project Description: 53 room hotel with roof top pool, spa, and landscape amenities.
Project Status: Staff provided an initial comment letter to the applicant August 29, 2016.
Staff have held several follow-up meetings with the applicant and understand a formal resubmittal is expected before end of July 2017.

Green Lantern Boutique Hotel (adjacent to Chart House, no formal name)
Project Address: 34412 and 334422 Green Lantern
Project Description: 17-24 room boutique hotel which will have larger rooms and minimal amenities, but may have a small area for spa facilities. Focus for project applicant is size of rooms and room amenities.
Project Status: This project is in preliminary review, and staff is meeting regularly with the design team to assist in reviewing design and technical requirements associated with coastal bluff development.

Dana Point Headlands Development Information is Online at The City of Dana Point

Dana Point Headlands Development & Conservation Plan

You can view the Dana Point City Council Meeting live Online on the City of Dana Point Site

Dana Point City Council Meeting is at Dana Point City Hall Council Chambers located at 33282 Golden Lantern
in Dana Point, California.

4 thoughts on “Dana Point 5 Headland Hotel Developments at City Council Meeting Tuesday June 20 2017

  1. This is over the top for our small town. Is it too late to discuss these 5 hotels? Are the Marriot and our other hotels overbooked? And why put another ” boutique ” hotel by the Blue Lantern Inn? They have been in DP a long time.
    It is enough!

    1. I agree Alane. If we compare to the South Cove project behind Denny’s, we see that the environment and overcrowding is set aside for anyone, not just outsiders, to make a profit at the expense of overcrowding. The existing standards need to increased, not decrease. With newspaper who only protect their advertisers / developers concern for profit, we sell the Sequoia Tree for the profit of timber. Very short sighted. Our lawyers, city council excludes Ms. Lewis is selling off wrecking the city. We need to start the campaign to elect honest and sensible people instead of ‘biased lawyer / developer / investors’. Why not sell tickets these guys, for there is a great train ride through mid America where they can kill all the buffalo they have ammunition. PS. Stop spending; other cities can do it.

  2. The Wave Resort is schedule for a review at The Planning Commission Meeting on July 10 2017.
    The Next Dana Point City Council Meeting is Tuesday July 18 2017.
    You could also meet with The Mayor on June 29 2017.
    You can call 949/248-3501 to try to schedule a (15) minute appointment with The Mayor.
    Thank You for Reading South OC Beaches.

  3. Much of the charm of DP is the unobstructed views of the harbor, the ocean and such. Also, though it is crowded, esp. in the summer, it still feels homey and not too cluttered. DP already has, via annexation, the Ritz Carlton and the Monarch Beach resort. Bringing in another, unneeded and, frankly, unwanted hotel will only increase the traffic, the pollution and reduce the overall quality of life that is uniquely Dana Point. Enough with the greed already; leave the town as it already is–charming.

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